Here is a quick tour of Level 10 Martial Arts College

Here is a quick tour of Level 10 Martial Arts College

Level 10 Martial Arts College is more than a school. It's an empowering community that focuses on character-building programs for Kids Martial Arts and Adult Martial Arts.

Whether your goal is fitness, self improvement, or self defense, we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for at our school. Beginners can take solace in our easy to learn curriculum designed to teach self defense while embracing the inner strength within.

The magic of martial arts is that it’s designed to accommodate everyone. Regardless of your size or experience, you’ll have everything you need to defend yourself in just a few sessions. Everything after that is just pure intensity, exercise and self development.

Meet Your Master Instructor

Our martial arts school provides qualified knowledgeable instructors who offer each student a safe atmosphere of co-operation and fair play.

James Theros
7th Dan Black Belt

My connection with martial arts dates back to my early childhood, and the profound, transformative influence it has exerted on my life is nothing short of extraordinary. From those early days of training, it has always been my heartfelt aspiration to establish my very own martial arts school right here in the vibrant locale of Palm Harbor, Florida. My vision for this institution was to craft a space where students not only enhance their physical fitness but also cultivate an unwavering sense of confidence that permeates every facet of their daily lives.

At Level 10 Martial Arts College, we are devoted to fostering a supportive and enjoyable learning atmosphere that encourages personal growth and empowerment. We firmly believe that martial arts is not just a sport or a discipline but a way of life that empowers individuals both mentally and physically.

Our mission is to empower you and our entire community with the transformative power of martial arts. We offer a range of exciting web specials that provide you with the perfect opportunity to embark on your own martial arts journey or continue your existing one with us. By joining us today, you're not just becoming a part of our martial arts family; you're taking a significant step towards self-improvement, self-confidence, and a stronger, more resilient you.

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Why the Palm Harbor Community Loves

Our Martial Arts School

Derek Cladek recommends Level 10 Martial Arts College

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We bring our 4 year old son here for multiple reasons. Our son has delayed speech as well as delayed gross motor functions. We knew he needed a place where he could work on his confidence as well as his core strength. With him not being able to talk he tends to shy away from trying things or being active with other kids. It’s hard to watch him around other kids because I want to make sure he doesn’t get his feelings hurt because he doesn’t talk. Going to Level 10 Martial Arts has been really great for us because everyone is super nice and the way they treat people is different than other places. We know that helping our son get stronger with his gross motor functions will help him with his speech.

He loves going to Karate and I can see it in his face that he has fun even though they do things he’s not used to doing. He’s been trying more lately and loves running. I’m so grateful for this place as Karate for us is a huge help in many areas for our son from his confidence, core strength, improved gross motor function and speech.

If you are looking to get your child into Karate in the Palm Harbor area, I would highly suggest checking out this place.

Brett Queenberry recommends Level 10 Martial Arts College

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Our son has been attending for 2 years now and is doing an amazing job! Cheers to the owners and staff of Level 10 Martial Arts!

Natalie Stephens recommends Level 10 Martial Arts College

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We signed up our 5 year old granddaughter for a 6-week trial, thinking it would give her something fun to do. What we didnt expect was this same 5 year old little girl that loves her new found martial arts family and all that is learning. Her confidence, discipline, respect, skills and focus have amazed us. She has been attending for almost 6 months and Master Theros and Instructor Mrs. Theros truly care for their students of all ages and are teaching far more than karate martial arts!!
As a woman of faith, we are blessed to have found Level 10, with a wonderful foundation and values that they show in the way they live and instruct!!

April Brenay recommends Level 10 Martial Arts College

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Our family has been truly blessed being apart of Level 10. What started as a trial membership for my kids, to my husband saying that this looks like fun and joining himself. This school has now turned into our second home. We love Grand Master and Mrs Theros and appreciate everything they have done for our family these last 3 almost 4 years. Best Martial Arts school in the area, hands down.

Ashley Tucher recommends Level 10 Martial Arts College

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I had the pleasure of growing up at Level 10 and I could not ask for a better way to spend the last 18 years of my life. My parents gave me the greatest gift when they enrolled me at Level 10 -- a gift I never knew would change my life in so many ways.

The Masters and Instructors are truly amazing and go above and beyond. I know for a fact that I am the person I am today because of everything that I learned through martial arts at LTMA.

If you were looking for a place that will absolutely positively change your life, you've found it. If you are looking for a place that will push you to levels of success you never dreamed of, you've found it. If you're looking for the best...Level 10 is it.

Youth Lashes recommends Level 10 Martial Arts College

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I can not say enough about Level 10. The staff and instructors are incredible. The studio is clean and welcoming. Most importantly, our 8 year old daughter LOVES the after school program. She is progressing so fast in teachings but this is all secondary to the other changes we have noticed in her since signing up.

She is doing better at home and in school. All of the sudden, she is more respectful, serious about her studies and helping around the house. I not sure what y’all are doing there but please keep it up. Our problem child is gone in less than 2 months and has been replaced with a motivated, respectful young girl.

More Confidence. More Focus. Shed Weight.

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